Dennis Ellard was also known as Dennis Allard

His name was misspelled when he enlisted in the army. His surname was Ellard it was entered as Allard.  This error leads to much hardship for Dennis when he applied for his army pension.

1836 - Dennis Ellard was born in Ireland

1857 - Dennis is working for Dr. D. Bergin in the area of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

1860 - Dennis immigrated to the U.S. and became a U.S. citizen he lived there for 40 


1861 - 25 Sept.: Dennis enlisted  - U.S. Infantry – 12 Regiment, Co. B. at

           Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, New York. 

1862 - 02 March: Dennis was sent to Fort Hamilton, N.Y. then to Washington, D.C.

          He then joined his regiment near Yorktown, VA. and from there to Williamsburg,

          VA., then to Gaines Mill & Mechanicville.  He was in the Seven Day Fight, also at         

           the 2nd. Battle of Bull Run. After Bull Run he passed through Maryland and was at

           The Battle of Antietam.

1862 - 06 March: The Company was at Washington, D. C.

1862 -11 March: The Company was at Fairfax, Co. VA.

1862 -12 March: Dennis Ellard was in Douglas General Hospital, Washington, D.C.

1862 - March: Dennis claimed a disability contacted while in the service 1862-1867.

1862 -11 April: Dennis returned to duty.

1862 - 03 September: The Company was at Chain Bridge, VA

1862 -17 September: He was at Gettysburg.  He received an honorable discharge in                           

           consequences at Kettle Run.  He was 25.

1863 - 04 of July: Dennis was injured.

1864 - 20 February: Dennis received an Honorable Discharge at Camp Kettle Run, VA.

1864 - 20 February: He re-enlisted as pvt. at Catlelts Station. He is with his same 

            Company and regiment for the next three years.

1864 - After he reenlisted he was granted a 35-day furlough. At which time he went to   

            Ogdensburg, N.Y. then to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.  He took sick while there     

            and did not return to his regiment for some months

1865 - 23 July: He married Elizabeth Routhier/Rookey in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

1865 - When Dennis recuperated he joined his regiment at Richmond, VA.

1867 - Dennis was never arrested or court-martialed and had two discharge certificates.

1867 - Dr. Stone treated Dennis for head and stomach caused by sunstroke

1867 - 20 February: Discharged at Washington, D.C.

1913 - 08 May: Dennis Ellard died at Brookdale Road, Winthrop, N.Y., where he farmed.

           He is buried at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Brasher Falls, N.Y. St. Lawrence County.

Affidavit given by  Dr. William C. Smith

Regarding Dennis Ellard

1898 – 23 July

Dr. Smith “has been intimately acquainted with him for past seventeen years.  That he has been his family physician since 1889 to the present and that during that time he has frequently treated him for diseases of lungs (Chronic bronchitis), chronic rheumatism and neuralgia in the region of the heart. That on account of said diseases, he has been unable to perform ordinary manual labor and is at the present time. That he has known him to be

an honest, temperate and moral man and industrious when his health will permit.  And that although the symptoms of his disease are not so well marked, still he believe the above to be fact and believes he should receive the attention of the Pension Department.”


Dennis Ellard’s “Declaration for Pension” was collected and transcribed by Patricia Monahan.  Dawn Ann Faris extracted the above information from said notes.

Patricia and Dawn Ann are related to Dennis Ellard.

In the event anyone has information or pictures of this regiment or of Dennis Ellard I would appreciate a copy.

Dawn Ann Faris

Family Researcher

540 Sherwood Bay Lane Elizabethtown

Ontario, Canada

K6V 7B8



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