Welcome to the Civilians' section of the 12th US

Family participation is one of the things that sets the civil war reenacting hobby apart from other hobbies.
There is something for everyone. The American Civil War affected all citizens of the United States.
Women and children took over the job(s)and chores previously done by the men, especially
on a family farm. Women supported the war as Nurses, Government clerks, munitions workers,
seamstress, telegraphers to list a few roles they undertook. They also supported the soldiers
by creating and sending care packages of food, socks, clothing, stationary, letters, and other items
to help the soldiers. Supplies were also sent to the hospitals.

All aspects of life in the 1860's can be
portrayed; seamstress, teacher, doctors, preachers, wives, children and about anything else you
can think of. The key is to research the history and that's what its all about.
Our goal is to create a time warp back to the 1860's for ourselves and visiting public.
During an event we may do scenarios of various
sorts including candlelight tours and period games. We also particpate in community events
like local parades, and support local history groups and community organizations.
To some of the members of the 12th US the group is our "Civil War Family".
We work together as a family to ensure that we have a successful event. We share the planning and tasks
that it takes to have a successful event. The most important thing is that we all think that sharing
with our group, other reenactors and the public the importance of keeping the history of our country
and the American Civil War alive. If we do not remember where we have been we are doomed to repeat it.

Last Updated on 2/13/2016


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