February 10, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

12th US Officer and NCO Exams
These exams must be taken and passed in order to be elligible for ellection to officer an NCO positions within the ranks of the 12th US. Reference materials may be downloaded from the "Downloads" section below or from the Reenactment Guides page.
Corporal Exam


Bylaws of the 12th US
Unit Job Descriptions and Officer Duties
Corporal Exam
Medical information form

Recruiting enlistment form
12th US Brochure
Casey's Infantry Tactics (Vol 1)
Casey's Infantry Tactics (Vol 2)
Casey's Infantry Tactics (Vol 3)
Artillery Procedures (for Reference Only)
Forming Square
Simplified Infantry Tactics 3mb
USV Safety Standard Operating Procedures

Officer / NCO Section

Last Updated on 3/5/2018

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