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The diary of Thomas H. Evans The Twelfth Regiment Of Infantry By Lieut. Charles W. Abbot, Jr., Adjutant 12th U.S. Infantry

CIVIL WAR RECOLLECTIONS OF THE TWELFTH INFANTRY By Brigadier-General T. M. Anderson, U.S. Army, Formerly Captain Twelfth Infantry

As I researched the Regulars, I frequently asked for information on various websites and received much helpful information. This photograph was sent to me on March 26th 1998, by a source that I don't recall (Mike Murley perhaps?). Whoever it is, please accept my gratitude.

This photo is identified as a Gardner photo from the Library of Congress and was taken in the spring of 1862. The camp in the background is identified as that of the 5th NY Zouaves, part of Sykes' Brigade of Regulars. The companies are 50-55 strong, peacetime strength for the regular army. The company in center is fully visible, and shows 5 men in the file closer position. The 2 on the right are probably the 4th Sgt. And the pioneer, 2 in the center, the 3rd Sgt. and 1st Lt. , and the far left the 2nd Lt. The 2nd Sgt. is on the left flank, while the 1st Sgt. on the right flank and Captain in front cannot be seen.

It shows a regiment in column of companies, probably just before formal knapsack inspection. The men are in dark blue trousers and frock coats. As the source of this photo indicated, please note that the haversacks are up high, just below the knapsacks, and not hanging low.

Once again, I would like to thank the unknown person who sent me this information, and apologize for not remembering who you are. The info cited above was from this very knowledgeable source and was gleaned from a much more extensive description. CMP


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