2018 Event Schedule

The 2018 reenacting season promises to be a good one with the schedule full of events large and small.

We will tentatively be in attendance at the following events, so come and join us for the defense of the Union. (Note: Items in blue are links to additional information.)

Listed below are our Maximum Effort events, Unit Drill Sessions and other popular events for the 12th US. These may not be the only events that we will be participating in. We hope to have representation at many other events.

See the Master Event List for a complete listing of events.

Larry Allen @ 145th Bull Run - 2006



1lt_whandrews.gif (47102 bytes)  

Lt.W. Andrews

12th US Infantry

CWLibrary & Museum



Mumford '04

We will do our best to honor those who came before us.

Come fight for the UNION with us!

Last Updated on 3/11/2018

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